Team Member Appreciation | David Tellez

David Tellez, Craftsman

The first day of your home remodeling project – and the Carey Brothers team arrives to begin turning plans into reality – you will note one team member in particular. David Tellez starts each day with a beaming smile that brightens the room and an energetic “can do” attitude that endures for the entire project. “The first thing I think about when I think of David is that infectious smile,” notes James Carey, “he’s always smiling and he has a happy attitude and demeanor that is truly outstanding.”

The next thing others always note is that he is a hard worker. “David tackles every task with incredible energy. There is nothing he is not willing to do… and he seems to learn something new every day,” James adds. “While he does everything asked from start-to-finish, and does it well, his specialty is painting… and he is really a fine, fine painter. Whether it’s interior painting… doors, woodwork or refinishing cabinets… or the exterior of a home… David does it all and he does it brilliantly.”

“I met David over 20-years ago, through friends at our church,” says Morris Carey, “and I was impressed with his dedication to his family. He is first and foremost a family man.

David and his wife, Leticia, have three beautiful children, Luis (22), Isaac (13) and Bridget (7).”

“In time, David came to work for us and has worked for various Carey Brothers companies for more than a decade,” continues Morris “He is one of the most dependable men I have ever met. It doesn’t make any difference what he is asked to do, he does each and every task with vigor and a smile… and I am honored to work with folks like David.”

Over the years, everyone at Carey Brothers Remodeling has had the pleasure of watching David grow… as a company employee and as a husband and father.

“He is a dedicated craftsman,” states James. “And is proud of his family… he’s a dedicated soccer fan too,“ adds Morris.

David is from Zihuantanejo, Guerrero, a resort city on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, northwest of Acapulco, known for its beautiful beaches – like those of neighboring Ixtapa.

He immigrated to the United States decades ago and is today pursuing… and living… the American Dream ­– and Carey Brothers Remodeling is extremely proud to have him on our team.

“We’ve enjoyed many years of friendship with David and his family,” state James and Morris in unison, “and we look forward to many more.”

The first day of your home remodeling project, when the Carey Brothers team arrives to begin turning your plans into reality, you will note one smiling team member in particular. It is David Tellez.

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