How we do Residential Remodeling

In order to best serve you and your family, we developed a step-by-step process that helps us clearly understand your goals. This in turn helps us to develop a detailed plan and an estimate that thoroughly specifies how we can help make your dream come true. All of what we have done is based on the three most important rules of residential remodeling: 1) Planning, 2) Planning and 3) Planning!

And no, we won’t write the price on the back of a business card.

Needs & Budget Analysis

Step One

Our first topic of discussion is always – your needs. During our first discussion with you, we create a prioritized list of what you want to include in your project. Our interview isn’t complete until we feel we thoroughly understand what it is you wish to achieve. Your remodeling budget is equally important. Knowing your needs and remodeling budget allows us to more effectively create a design solution that will best achieve your remodeling goals. We can tell you what we think your project will cost, but that doesn’t help us meet YOUR financial goals. Discussing finances and project goals is an integral part of the initial planning phase.

Design & Planning

Step Two

There simply is no substitute for good and thorough planning. It creates the space for you to make thoughtful and informed buying decisions without being rushed. Thus, you will be completely pleased with your finished product without the chaos and dreaded change orders that more often than not accompany the residential remodeling process.

Although a design itself can substantially influence price – finishes such as appliances, fixtures, cabinetry, and countertops can have a major impact as well. Thus, from a design and specification standpoint, there are countless elements available that may be utilized to bring together your project needs and budget. Therefore, our first step after visiting your home is for you to engage our firm to create conceptual design solutions for your proposed improvements.

To do this we ask that you enter into a Design and Project Planning Agreement, which will provide you with conceptual design solutions, scale drawings and a 3D model that will allow you to walk through your new space before the first nail is ever driven! Our Design and Project Planning Agreement and design process provide an excellent opportunity for us to establish a solid working relationship without obligating you to a construction contract.

Design Review

Step Three

After creating a conceptual design for your project, we will invite you to critique our work and request desired changes. We will then create a final design, which will be used to generate a thorough estimate. In addition to a scaled floor plan, scope of work, project specifications, elevations, and a 3D virtual model, the final design typically includes general conditions, a plot plan (for additions), electrical plan, plumbing and mechanical locations, cabinetry, and at least two exterior perspectives.

The Estimate

Step Four

Once plan revisions have been made, we will generate a computerized estimate, which details all costs associated with your project including: permits and engineering, labor, material, temporary services, and product allowances – all detailed by construction category! Every cost is included – right down to door bumpers. Common estimates can range from 3 to 10 pages depending upon project complexity. We do our best to be thorough and include as much detail as possible to prevent unnecessary change orders, cost overages and projects delays and extensions.

Final Design & Estimate Review

Step Five

When we have completed our plans and estimate, we will schedule a meeting with you to review the final design and estimate, which we have created. If we are on the right track, but not right on the money, we utilize this opportunity to work with you to further refine our design and to modify our estimate accordingly.

The Construction Contract

Step Six

Finally, we prepare a Construction Agreement, which outlines all details including fixed contract sum, firm start and finish dates, insurance, owner responsibilities, contractor responsibilities, payment schedule, and all other details that will make for a smooth and exciting experience.

Project Commencement

Step Seven

Once the contract documents have been completed, we immediately begin the process of ordering all materials, elements and components needed to fully complete your project. Once everything has been delivered to the project site, we may then commence work. Adhering to this policy of “getting everything we need first” ensures that we will complete your project in the timeliest fashion possible, thereby minimizing inconvenience to you and your family.

Start to Finish

Step Eight

A lot has changed in construction since 1976 when the words Carey and Construction first became synonymous. For example, most products used in the home are greener and far more energy efficient than ever before. But there are a couple of things that haven’t changed. There are still good and poor quality products as well as good and poor quality craftsmanship. We like to think that our commitment to quality and our personal integrity will come shining through to you before, during and after we have completed your project.

Our Guarantee

Step Nine

Just because your project is complete doesn’t mean our job is done! We continue to protect your investment and our installed product with our extraordinary 5 Year Written Guarantee. All you need to do is reach out to us and we’ll be there to ensure that all is well with the improvements we made to your home.


We look forward to working with you and your family. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. The biggest compliment that we can be paid is to have you call upon us for a future project.

-Morris & James Carey