Team Member Appreciation | Carol Carey, Senior Designer

Remodeling projects begin with a vision. Homeowners see a dream kitchen, a luxurious bath or a dramatic new room addition… and a design/build team then sets out to make that vision a reality. But there are many, many variables, considerations and decisions along the way – that both form the finished project and ultimately determine a homeowner’s level of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Carol Carey has been helping homeowners with this process for nearly three decades.

She is the “point” person where it all begins, and then plays a key role in each and every step along the way, until the process is complete and it ends with a final “ooh and ahh” walk-thru presentation with a delighted client.

Carol spends the first hour of every day reading emails, press releases and newsletters on new products, emerging technologies and the latest designer trends. “I’m on everybody’s mailing list,” she notes.

While Carey Bros. Remodeling steadfastly adheres to three basic principles for every project – “Planning, Planning and Planning” – and it is “how” those plans take shape that govern both Carol’s and her clients design process.

“Many clients start with a handful of glamour shots clipped from magazines,” she states, “but once we start discussing and weighing designs, they often set all that aside for what they really want and need.” Her philosophy? “it’s all about you… and how you will work and live in this space.” And it allows her to begin designing project tailored just for them and their lifestyle.

Initial thoughts and decisions lead to Carol preparing computerized 3D drawings that allow clients to fully visualize and “experience” their project and to make changes and/or adjustments as needed.

Team Member Appreciation | Carol Carey, Senior Designer 1

“Carol has a unique ability to creatively utilize every inch of space in imaginative ways,” notes husband Morris Carey. ”She not only incorporates the best products and latest design trends… but, more so, she answers a client’s needs and enhances their personal lifestyle in such a way that that is both uncanny and truly amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“We get one ecstatic satisfied customer after another based on her designs,” he adds. “We just price it, work out the details, draw up the plans and build it.”

Brother James Carey, who oversees the estimating and cost aspects of projects, states, “Carol Carey is the quintessential remodeling professional. She does it all! She designs, she sells, she manages and she knows how to keep a customer happy. Carol is a team player who is always pitches in whenever and wherever needed… and goes to the ends of the earth to exceed her client’s expectations.”

The founder of Rolls-Royce, Henry Royce, once said “The quality will remain long after the price is forgotten.”

Brothers Morris and James and Carol Carey, together set their sights on quality from day one… and it shows in every aspect of every project from that day until now.

Team Member Appreciation | Carol Carey, Senior Designer 2

It has also put Carey Bros. Remodeling in a league of its own. Simply put, Morris Carey observes, “When you fly… first class is never empty.”

Every Carey Bros. Remodeling project begins and ends the same way… and artfully courses though the same time-honored design/build process that exceeds expectations.

Carol Carey sets the stage and the team builds the dream.

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