3 Incredible Reasons Why Home Expansion Should Be Your Next Project

Here at Carey Bros. Remodeling, we know a thing or two about home renovations. With over 80 years of experience and nearly 800 projects under our belt, our team is ready to tackle whatever ideas you and your family have for your house. For those in need of inspiration for their next project, look no further! 

To truly maximize the area around your home, perhaps an expansion is in the cards for you. Home additions are just one of the many services we provide, making us the ideal choice for giving your residence some added space. If you are asking yourself, “why should I expand my home,” we are here to provide you with some insight before starting this process. Here are three reasons why home expansion should be your next project for summer 2023.

Provides Guests With Place to Stay

You never know when you will need to entertain guests. By adding a guest room to your home, you are providing a large enough area for people to stay without having to put them on the couch for a couple nights. This can also be treated as a longer term addition, as for families with college students coming back home after graduation, your child will have their own space to grow as they hunt for jobs. And while it is hard to think about, when illness falls on loved ones like your parents, you can give them a place to stay while they receive treatment and recover with a watchful eye nearby.

David standing in wood base of building

Gives Added Areas for Storage

If you are noticing clutter begin to pile up and do not have the means to place it elsewhere, adding on to your home will provide some essential storage space. Whether it be in the form of a shed, patio room, or garage, you will be able to place your belongings in a safe space that will not require you to pay a monthly fee to rent out a storage unit. And with a garage, you can also provide your vehicle(s) some added safety from damage and the elements. It is hard to beat saying that you own a garage kept car.

Increases Overall Value of Home

Like most home improvement projects, one of the added benefits is something that you reap down the line. As terrific as it is to see a newly renovated room or your expansion come to fruition, it is hard to beat upping your home’s overall value for the long run. Buyers and realtors love to see a house that clearly has been treated well and offers more than just the run-of-the-mill fixtures. By expanding your home, you can enjoy this extension in the moment as well as in the future when you might opt to sell.

Regardless of the reason, Carey Bros is here to make expanding your home a breeze through our nine step process. Schedule your complimentary virtual or in-home project planning & design consultation today by heading over to our contact page!

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