2021 Kitchen Trends

Today’s kitchens are seeking out bold, beautiful, and clean styles that are distinctly different from trends of previous years. Kitchens these days are moving from neutrals and whites with new colors and finishes breaking out and making kitchens statement pieces.

Color & Art

Be bold in your art and backsplash-bare walls. Many people opt for building accent walls with bold colors, materials, or wallpaper in kitchen spaces that is largely untouched by backsplash and cabinetry. Choose timeless designs for your focal point by using classical patterns, staying away from chevrons, animal prints, and strong geometrics. As long as you distribute and balance patterns evenly throughout, it won’t leave your kitchen feeling uncomfortable and overwhelming. For example, if you want to paint your kitchen walls a bright, modern green, choose white cabinets for balance and rustic or modern fixtures in lighter shades depending on where your aesthetic preferences lie.
Blue backsplash kitchen sink


Strict alignment is out and dynamic movement is in. If you’re sick of horizontal subway tile, consider realigning your backspace for a more vertical appearance. Similar to the effect in clothes, horizontal stripes and patters tend to make a body or space seem wider while verticality makes one seem taller. The name of the game is to create a more open and airy space without feeling like you’re drowning in square footage.


Not a brand new concept but certainly resurgent in popularity, open shelving matches with continuing trends preaching decluttering and purging excess possessions. People used to be afraid at the loss of storage brought by traditional hanging cabinetry, but open shelving is having its moment now that people realized they just don’t need to have twenty mugs without use or a table setting for thirty when your table only sits six people.
Red Kitchen Cabinets


If you do choose to keep cabinetry, don’t make it drab. Homeowners are returning to natural wood shades and accents, but also getting creative with their colors and hardware (or lack thereof). These days kitchens and countertops are getting dark, with sleek black cabinets and darker granite shades of countertops to match. Joining the dark side includes the ever popular shades of navy blue, gray, and dark green. Unsure of which direction to go? The expert design team at Carey Bros go through extensive planning until we get your approval to guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the design and renovation of your kitchen, bathroom, additions, and more.

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