About Carey Brothers

James Carey(left) & Morris Carey (right)

James Carey (left) & Morris Carey (right)

James and Morris Carey, known as The Carey Bros., are third-generation, award winning, licensed general contractors who, as a team, share over 70 years of construction experience and expertise.

It all began during the celebration of our nation’s 200th year of independence.  It was 1976 when Morris took his first job as a construction laborer. According to Morris, “It was the lowest spot on the totem pole.” Soon after his tenure as a ditch digger, Morris earned a position as an apprentice carpenter. Later, not long after advancing to journeyman, Morris took another step up to the position of foreman. Soon after, Morris’ boss sent him to Monterey, California, to build 10 homes.

Morris eventually opened his own framing company, which ultimately evolved into turnkey-custom-homebuilding as well as small subdivision development and construction. James, 12 years younger than Morris, worked for the construction company during his summers away from school and began working full time as soon as he finished college. Morris made sure that James also began as a laborer – literally working from the ground up. Morris said that he believes an individual can be the best of tradespersons, and yet may fail miserably as a contractor. But a good contractor cannot be truly great unless he has succeeded as a tradesman.

In 1981 a friend asked Morris and James to remodel a pizzeria restaurant. It was a tiny job, so the brothers did it themselves. The boys were literally awe stricken by the variety of complex and challenging tasks offered by remodel work. The days of custom homes and subdivisions suddenly came to a screeching halt when the brothers found out how gratifying remodeling could be. In 1983 James earned his General Contractor’s license and purchased a half interest in Carey Construction Company and the company name changed to Carey Bros.

Although the “bros” are carpenters by trade, both have long since expanded their technical skills to include exceptional hands-on proficiency in electrical, plumbing, drywall and painting – to name a few. As years passed, The Carey Bros. name literally became “a household word” in east bay remodeling. James says, “It takes almost a lifetime to learn the intricacies of remodeling construction and to earn the trust of the community. I am proud to say that we both continue to strive for these goals and that we enjoy the good health needed to continue.”

“I am so proud of James,” states Morris, “He brings a complimentary skillset to our partnership. He is a fantastic administrator, a fastidious tradesman and a terrific personnel manager. He has the highest regard for every single customer regardless of how large or small the project – he truly cares.” James nodded stating, “We make a mistakes. Every contractor does. The difference is that we don’t hesitate to take full responsibility for what we’ve done – regardless of the cost. There is no amount of money that is more important than one’s honor and integrity,” according to Morris.


Consumer Advocates & Home Improvement Journalists
Home Maintenance for Dummies

Home Maintenance for Dummies

Home Remodeling for Dummies

Home Remodeling for Dummies

In addition to their remodeling company James and Morris are nationally recognized consumer advocates and experts on home building and renovation. Their achievements during the past 28 years include: Co-hosting “On The House”, a nationally syndicated home improvement radio talk show. They also pen a column for “The Family Handyman” magazine — a Readers Digest publication. They author a nationally syndicated newspaper column distributed to 329 newspapers and they can be seen each week on the Hallmark Channel‘s hit daytime magazine show “Home and Family”. The brothers have also acted as home improvement editors on CBS News Saturday Morning, The Discovery Channel’s Home Matters, HGTV’s Smart Solutions and PBS’s Right On The Money… among others. In addition, The Careys are also authors of four “For Dummies” books, including Home Remodeling, Home Maintenance 1st and 2nd editions, Home Improvement All-In-One For Dummies and Living Well In A Down Economy – and several Dummies pamphlets.

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